Hi There,

My name is Tun Jiang, and I am the threeshirtman.


I rotate my daily work-wear within 3 shirts (2 white and 1 blue), nothing more.

I am not a fan of consumerism. I dislike over-consumption. I try to do my part for our environment. And I am glad that the work I do allows me to advocate these.

Having been in the financial services industry since 2011, I have helped many individuals and families with their financial and estate planning.

This means identifying their current resources, determining their shortfall, and working out a strategy to reach their goals and react to life’s threats.

This often involves not just financial plans, but tools like will, trust, LPA (lasting power of attorney), etc.

Just like how you can never be overdressed or overeducated, you can never over-plan for your future!

So, if you haven’t already taken the first step towards your financial or estate planning, book an appointment with me now!

-Tun Jiang