TJ is incredibly resourceful and goes out of his way to ensure his clients’ needs are met. He’s an easygoing person and it’s been great working and engaging with him so far!
Nur Izzati
It's been almost a decade consulting Tun Jiang for advice on my insurance needs. I'm really impressed by his knowledge and strong work ethics. He's very reliable, highly committed and always has my best interest in mind.
Lin Zhong
I highly recommend Tun Jiang as your financial planner! He has always been very efficient and responsive whenever I need his help. You can be assured that he will be there whenever you need him! I have been using his services for the longest time and will continue to entrust my policies with him.
Alicia Lim
TJ is a reliable and prompt agent. He is always quick with his replies and claims were made easy because of that. The recommendations he provided were appropriate and relevant to me as well. I am happy with his service since 2013.
Joanne Low
TJ is the first agent I had and it's been just him ever since. He advises what is necessary for us and works within our means. He's prompt in his replies whenever I need advice or clarifications from him and most importantly, he always goes the extra mile for his clients. 😁
Tun Jiang has been servicing my account since 2013, and his keen sense of responsibility and reliability has never changed. He often stands in the shoes of his clients and always has the best of interest for them. He views his clients as friends, recommending the most suited policies for them.
Charlene Chan
Having met so many agents before and after him, Tun Jiang not only portrayed professionalism and responsibility, he changed my perspective on how much an agent turned friend could go out of the way to make sure you are well taken care of with the right policies required.
Kenneth Yeo
Tun Jiang is very friendly and is not pushy in doing his sales, which was one of the reasons why I decided to buy my plans from him at the beginning. He will update you regularly on plans and promotions which he thinks are suitable to your needs.
Tan Jie Ling
TJ is the most unconventional agent you'll ever meet - congenial and sincere! His advice on your insurance plans is his way of showing you his genuine care, concern and guidance in your future planning. I always feel assured knowing TJ has got my back.
Tun Jiang is a helpful and efficient agent who goes out of his way to help a client. He has thorough product knowledge and is always prompt in answering my queries. Tun Jiang is also really genuine and easy to talk with. In all, you not only gain a competent insurance agent but also a friend!
Ivy Tan
Tun Jiang listens and does his best to understand my life plans and gave me advices suited to my needs. I have benefitted greatly from personalised advices. Tun Jiang genuinely cares for his clients and that made me feel safe to trust him with my financial plans.
Pamela Tan
Tun Jiang is a reliable consutant who truly believes in the need for adequate protection for everyone. He is more than just an agent to me, but a friend who always has my best interest at heart.
Gan Mingle
I first got to know Tun Jiang when I was pregnant. He is very patient and understands what I need to provide his best advise to me. I know he is the right advisor to me so I have decided to let him handle all my family's policies.
Lis Low